Tuesday, July 6, 2010

AI Languages, Fifth Generation Project.!


For developing the AI application the researchers use the two languages.

1. LISP – List Processing

2. PROLOG – PROgramming in LOGic.

LISP is used mainly in America for developing the AI application. PROLOG is used in Japan and the other Urop countries for develop the AI applications. Where as in image processing researchers use the natural computer languages FORTRAN & C.

In export systems the researchers use the “OOPS-5”.


To identify the importance of “Artificial Intelligence” JAPAN start the FIFTH GENERATION PROJECT 14 years back. JAPAN government gave the permission to make the special computers for AI applications.


INDIA also started FIFTH GENERATIN PROJECT 8 years back, for this INDIAN GEOVERNMENT gave the permission to the IIT, ISI (Calcutta). IISI (Bangalore), till no there is no response.

Before studying an AI problem and trying to solve it, the following have to be considered:

- Assumption to be used in solving the problem

- Techniques to be used in solving the problem

- The level of detail at with we are trying to model human intelligence

- How to know when we have succeeded in building an intelligent program.

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