Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Birth and Development of Present day AI Research.!

             While Alan Turning is generally recognized as the ‘father’ of Artificial Intelligence. Many of his contemporaries were also trying to understand the similarities between mind and machines. The early contribution to his area came mostly from, the scientist of the united states and of Great Britan . Warren McCullots in 1953 proposed that a network of neurons or a natural net in the brain worked in a manner similar to that of the hypothetical turning machine. The idea of considering the brain as a computer was thus born in 1937, Cludeshanon used Boolean algebra to describe the operation of electrical switching circuits. This idea was later used to develop the binary system of information storage used in the digital computers. Shanon is also one of the first scientist to consider the possibility of using computers to play chess. In particular he pointed out that having a computer consider every possible combination of moves was not a practical strategy for chess playing since, even at the rate of evaluation of one million moves per second.

            How ever, real AI research programme can be said to have started in 1956 when John McCarthy , one of the organizers of the Dratmouch Conference, suggested the name ‘ ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE’ for the new branch of computer science that took shape during the conference.The conference witnessed participation of scientists from widely varying fields such as neurology mathematics, psychology, cognition, behavioural science and Engineering.

            A part from the United States, AI research is underway in many countries like Great Britan,France and Japan has launched one of the worlds largest AI-Project called the Fifth Generation Project a ten year 450 Million Dollar AI research project. In India also AI research is underway in institution like IISC and IIT , Kanpur.

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  1. a good introduction about AI.
    is that deep neural networks constitute the state of the art in the field of artificial inteligence?