Saturday, September 15, 2012

What is Expert System?

·        An expert system, is an interactive computer-based decision tool that uses both facts and heuristics to solve difficult decision making problems, based on knowledge acquired from an expert.
·        An expert system is a model and associated procedure that exhibits, within a specific domain, a degree of expertise in problem solving that is comparable to that of a human expert.
·        An expert system compared with traditional computer : Inference engine + Knowledge = Expert system ( Algorithm + Data structures = Program in traditional computer )
·        First expert system, called DENDRAL, was developed in the early 70's at Stanford University

Expert systems are computer applications which embody some non-algorithmic expertise for solving certain types of problems. For example, expert systems are used in diagnostic applications. They also play chess, make financial planning decisions, configure computers, monitor real time systems, underwrite insurance policies, and perform many services which previously required human expertise.

Expert System Components And Human Interfaces :

Expert systems have a number of major system components and interface with individuals who interact with the system in various roles. These are illustrated below.

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